Harcourt Health Textbook Resources- Excellent resources directly from our Health textbook!!


Text Resources

Web Site Resources

Text Transparencies

Kids Health - Excellent resource for most any health objective to be covered

Human Body

How the Body Works - Lots of good links about all the body parts we study

The Virtual Body - Good resources for skeleton & heart

Human Body Systems - Lots of links about our body systems

Respiratory System:

How the Respiratory System Works

Respiratory System Movie

Label the Lung Parts to printout

Muscle System:


Skeletal System:

Bone Dance - on YouTube

Skeletal System - My Bones Rap - on YouTube


Your Skin

Skin - It's All Over You


Cardiovascular System

About Your Heart


Colgate Kids Tooth Games

Teeth - PowerPoints

Teeth and Eating - Interactive


My Pyramid

World of Nutrition

Don't Buy It! - Advertising

First Aid

Kids First Aid Book - Printable

Families Prepare for Emergencies

Water Safety

Sun Safety

Earth Day Interactive Site


Find the Germs Game

Infection Protection Detection

Mental Health

Bullying -PowerPoints

Making Friends