Here's some web sites you may find useful:

Mrs. Hicks 2nd Grade

Click below for LOTS of sites on Diigo:
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Once you click on the Diigo button, click on Library and scroll down to the lists shown on the right. Click on the list you want to search.

  • Spelling City - updated with all our units - Lessons titled "Cape Unit 1" or current unit #

  • PortaPortal - use "bshteach" to log in as a guest

  • Thinkfinity - outstanding resources, lessons & online activities

  • Jog the Web - search for "computer" and you can use any of the 4 Jog the Web sessions I created

  • District Curriculum Page - PowerPoints, Inspiration templates, & online projects

  • Carl's Corner - excellent resource for Comm Arts!!!!!!
  • SMARTLinks - great listing of SMART Board links
  • SuperTeacher Worksheets - lots of good worksheets, especially math!
  • Ethemes - Lots of great resources created by emints teachers
  • Classroom Jr. - Good resource for holiday materials and some corner worksheets