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Please use the resources found on these pages to help you as you teach your students!

Personally, I retired from 2nd grade in May 2011, but I've had the privilege to work as a reading teacher to 1st graders for 4 years. However, in May 2015 I am totally retiring from teaching.

If you utilize my webpage, please know that it may be taken down after I retire. Please feel free to check out my webpage and download any information you may want to keep between now and May 2015. My apologies for any outdated materials, but I no longer have editing rights to my webpage as they are now maintained by a webmaster instead.

However this Wiki page WILL still be available as I personally maintain this page, not the school district.

My webpages are:

Mrs. Hicks Second Grade

First Grade English Language Arts

Email me at the address below if you have any questions or want more information.

Thank you and teach well!!

Becky Hicks